Samuel Murray, Translator: English → Afrikaans, Afrikaans → English

Professional freelance translator

My name is Samuel Murray, and I am a full-time professional translator. If you have documents, web content or software that you need to have translated from English into Afrikaans, or from Afrikaans into English, then I can help.

With over two decades of experience in a full-time translation, I can translate, edit and review text in a variety of formats. I regard myself as a general translator, but I have experience in various subject fields, notably clinical trial materials and software localisation. My native language is Afrikaans, but I am completely bilingual. I also have a formal qualification as a translator.

I take translation seriously. For that reason I'm a full member of the South African Translators' Institute (SATI), a verified member of the Dutch freelance translators' association (Vereniging Zelfstandige Vertalers, VZV), a corresponding member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and a paying member of the professional portal

Here is an abbreviated version of SATI's code of conduct, to which I subscribe:

We perform accurate translation of high quality.
We respect and interact with other translators.
We strive for constant self-improvement.

We treat all client information as strictly confidential.
We accept no unlawful work.
We respect copyright.

We inform clients of all issues of concern regarding the translation.
We accept only work for which we are suited.
We stick to deadlines.

We aim to be fair and to conduct ourselves professionally.

Contact me for translation:

Samuel Murray
E-mail: @
Mobile: +31 (0)65-725-8550
GoogleTalk, MSN, ICQ and Skype text may also be available

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