Samuel Murray, Translator: English → Afrikaans, Afrikaans → English

Document types translated

As a professional translator, I am capable of translating and editing a wide variety of documents and file types.

Word processing, text and office documents

I can translate and deliver Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with most formatting intact. This applies to both Office 97-2003's DOC format and Office 2007-2022 DOCX format, as well as OpenDocument formats used by I generally work in in Office 2003 format, for compatibility, but I do have a licenced version of Office 365 installed.

I can read and annotate PDF files, but I do not have a full featured PDF editor. When translating PDF files, I usually extract the text and deliver it in a Word document, with two columns and no formatting.

When confronted with graphics or uneditable text, I simply translate it into a text file. I have previously worked alongside graphic designers for 6 years and I know how to mark up text for non-speakers of the language to ensure correct drop-ins.

Tagged text, uncleaned files and TEnT formats

I do most of my translation work with Wordfast Classic 6. I do, however, have a full license for Trados 2007 and 2022, Wordfast Pro 4 and Wordfast Pro 6. I can also work in MemoQ. I typically do not offer (but I do consider) discounts for translation memory (TM) usage. See the equipment page for a list of my TEnT/CAT tools.

Localisation formats (software and web site translation)

I can translate Gettext PO files, Microsoft RC files, key=value files, the Mozilla formats, Java .properties files, Memecode LGI files, XLIFF files, CSV files, and certain proprietary formats. I can also translate HTML, XML and similar files, without breaking it, if the DTD is available. Although there are sometimes proprietary tools for translating these formats, I generally prefer to translate them as plaintext using my primary CAT tool, Wordfast.

DTP (desktop publishing) files

I do not own any DTP packages, but if you export the text from a DTP file, then I can translate that. For programs like Macromedia FreeHand, that doesn't offer lossless import of translated text, I can deliver the translation in an Excel file or Word table. For programs that offer lossless text import (like certain version of Corel Draw), I can translate the exported text and keep the import codes intact. For any DTP translation, I recommend reviewing of the final file in PDF format.

Diplomas and legal texts

In South Africa, official texts to be used for official purposes must be translated by a sworn translator. I am not a sworn translator. For non-local clients, I can translate such documents with a declaration of accuracy. Most of the time, however, it is best to hire a sworn translator for such a job.

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