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A selection of my dictionaries

General dictionaries, thesauri and idiomatic expressions

  • Pharos Één/One, 1st edition, 2005
    General bilingual dictionary. EN-AF, AF-EN. 200 000 entries. Nicknamed "Big Black Dictionary" or "The Black Pharos". Arguably the most authoritative bilingual dictionary for Afrikaans translators.
  • HAT, 6th edition, 2009
    General monolingual dictionary. AF with definitions. Full title: "Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal" (desk dictionary of the Afrikaans language). Probably the most authoritative monolingual Afrikaans dictionary of all time (except perhaps for the WAT, which is not yet finished).

  • Afrikaans Through English Idiom, Lingen, Botha and Hoogenhout, (date unknown)
    English expressions with Afrikaans translations. 176 pages.
  • Afrikaanse Idiome, Spreekwoorde en Segswyses, Hoogenhout en Schoeman, 8th edition
    Afrikaans idioms, with meanings. 2000 entries.
  • Afrikaanse Spreekwoorde en Uitdrukkings, Prinsloo, (date uncertain)
    Afrikaans expressions with English translations. 350 pages.

  • Woordkeusegids, Harteveld, 1992
    Afrikaans thesaurus, alphabetical. 20 000 head words.
  • Afrikaanse Sinonieme met Antonieme, Eksteen, 1981
    Afrikaans thesaurus, alphabetical, with antonyms. 420 pages.

  • Lys klassieke eiename, Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, 1984
    Classical (Greek and Latin) names. EN-AF, AF-EN. 66 pages.

Style guides, grammars and spelling rule books

  • Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls, 1964
    Previous official spelling rules. For some reason, a few Afrikaans translators still adhere to this edition.
  • Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls, 1991
    Previous official spelling rules. A controversial issue with more liberal rules, of which many were later abandoned.
  • Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls, 2002
    Previous official spelling rules. Contained controversial list of slang words, but otherwise well-received by most.
  • Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls, 2009
    Previous official spelling rules. About 90% the same as the 2002 rules.
  • Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls, 2017
    Current official spelling rules. About 90% the same as the 2009 rules.

  • Skryf Afrikaans van A tot Z, Dalene Matthee, 1st edition, 2003 & 2nd edition, 2011
    Guide to correct usage of certain words and expressions in Afrikaans. Aimed at journalists and newspaper translators. Selectively prescriptive, but currently very popular and oft quoted. 700 pages. Nicknamed "SAAZ".

  • Afrikaans op sy beste, Prinsloo and Odendaal, 1st edition, 1995
    Guide to correct usage of certain words and expressions in Afrikaans. 250 pages.
  • Die Korrekte Woord, Van der Merwe and Ponelis, 7th edition, 1991
    Guide to correct usage of certain words and expressions in Afrikaans. 270 pages.
  • Sakboek van Regte Afrikaans, Combrink and Ponelis, 1st edition, 1986
    Guide to correct usage of certain words and expressions in Afrikaans. 200 pages. Nicknamed "SARA" (which is also a girl's name).
  • Norme vir Afrikaans, W.A.M. Carstens, 5th edition, 2011
    A compendium of information about Afrikaans language issues, used at universities in South Africa. 500 pages.

Specialist dictionaries: Business, legal and medical

  • Dictionary of Economics and Business, 2nd edition, 2004
    EN-AF. 90 000 entries. Afrikaans title: "Ekonomiese en Bedryfswoordeboek".
  • New Business Dictionary, 4th edition, 2003
    EN-AF, AF-EN. Afrikaans title: "Nuwe Sakewoordeboek". The 3rd edition was trilingual and included Zulu.

  • Trilingual Legal Dictionary, Hiemstra and Gonin, 3rd edition, 1992
    EN-AF, AF-EN, and Latin, with definitions. 500 pages. A very authoritative legal dictionary in Afrikaans.

  • Geneeskundewoordeboek, Snyman, 3rd edition, 1988
    Medical dictionary. EN-AF, AF-EN. 650 pages.
  • Woordeboek van Afrikaanse Geneeskundeterme, Brink, 1st edition, 1979
    Medical dictionary. AF definitions, with EN-AF word list. 800 pages. Nicknamed "the WAG".
  • Nurses' Dictionary, Rompel, 1975
    EN-AF. 95 pages. Afrikaans title: "Verpleegsterswoordeboek".

Specialist dictionaries: Industry

  • Terblanche's Technical Dictionary, H.J. Terblanche, 4th edition, 1993
    EN-AF. Around 200 000 entries.
  • Electrical, Electronic and Related Terms, Cillie, 1st edition, 1996
    EN-AF. Two volumes, 71 000 entries.
  • The New Chemistry Dictionary (Part 1), National Terminology Service, 2nd edition, 1991
    EN-AF (part 1). 32 000 entries. Includes chemical compounds and generic medicine names, with extensive transcription guide. Afrikaans title: "Die Nuwe Chemiewoordeboek". I don't have part 2 (AF-EN).
  • Dictionary of Geology, Council of Geoscience, 1st edition, 1996
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 900 pages. Afrikaans title: "Geologiewoordeboek". A very good dictionary for anyone in the mining industry, with several useful appendixes.

  • Building Dictionary, Terminology Bureau, 3rd edition, 1967
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 18 000 entries. Afrikaans title: "Bouwoordeboek".
  • Textile Dictionary, Editorial Committee for Textile Terminology, 1977
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 300 pages. Afrikaans title: "Tekstielwoordeboek".

  • Printing Terms, Language Service Bureau, 1st edition, 1971
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 150 pages. Afrikaans title: "Drukkersterme".
  • Paper Terms, Terminology Bureau, 1970
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 40 pages. Afrikaans title: "Papierterme".
  • Photography Dictionary, Terminology Bureau, 1982
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 90 pages. Afrikaans title: "Fotografie" (sic).

Specialist dictionaries: Society

  • Dictionary of Embroidery, Language Services Bureau, 1st edition, 1972
    EN-AF, AF-EN. Afrikaans title: "Borduurwoordeboek".
  • Handwork Dictionary, Terminology Bureau, 1st edition, 1977
    Dictionary of knitting, crochet, knotting and lacework. EN-AF, AF-EN. Afrikaans title: "Handwerkwoordeboek".
  • Home Economics Dictionary, Language Service Bureau, 3rd edition, 1975
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 380 pages. Afrikaans title: "Huishoudkundewoordeboek".

  • Bilingual Defining Social Work Dictionary, Terminology Bureau, 2nd edition, 1984
    EN-AF with EN definitions. 100 pages. Afrikaans title: "Tweetalige Definiërende Woordeboek vir Maatskaplike Werk".
  • Dictionary of Sociology, Terminology Bureau, 1980
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 230 pages. Afrikaans title: "Sosiologiewoordeboek".
  • Library Dictionary, National Terminology Services, 2nd edition, 1989
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 20 000 entries. Afrikaans title: "Biblioteekwoordeboek". Full name is "Dictionary of Library Science, Information Science and Related Terms".

  • Bybelkundeterme, Terminology Bureau, 1st edition, 1979
    Terms used in Biblical studies. AF-EN.
  • Philately Terms, Afrikaans Philatelists Association, 1977
    EN-AF. 40 pages. Afrikaans title: "Filatelieterme". A regularly updated web-based version is now available.
  • Hotel Reception Terms, Terminology Bureau, (no date)
    EN-AF, AF-EN. Afrikaans title: "Hotelontvangsterme".

  • Bilingual Police Dictionary, Du Toit, 1994
    AF-EN, EN-AF. 450 pages. Afrikaans title: "Tweetalige Polisiewoordeboek".
  • Fire Dictionary, South African Fire Services Institute, 1985
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 80 pages. Afrikaans title: "Brandweerwoordeboek" (fire-fighting dictionary).

Specialist dictionaries: Biology

  • Zoological Dictionary, Terminology Bureau, 1982
    AF-EN, EN-AF, including Linnaean names. 300 pages. Afrikaans title: "Dierkundewoordeboek".
  • Verklarende Biologiewoordeboek, Webb, De Villiers and Du Toit, 1983
    Monolingual Afrikaans biology dictionary. 120 pages.

Specialist dictionaries: Sports

  • Hockey Terms, Language Service Bureau, 1970
    EN-AF. 60 pages. Afrikaans title: "Hokkieterme".
  • Basketball, Korfball and Netball Terms, Language Service Bureau, 1975
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 50 pages. Afrikaans title: "Basketbal, Korfbal en Netbal".
  • Soccer Terms, Terminology Bureau, 1982
    EN-AF, AF-EN. 25 pages. Afrikaans title: "Sokker" (sic).
  • Gholfterme, Cillie, 1986
    Golfing terms. EN-AF. 40 pages.
  • Terme vir Tennis, Muurbal, Tafeltennis, Pluimbal, Ringtennis, Vlugbal, Cillie, (date unknown)
    Terms for tennis, squash, table tennis, badminton, ring tennis and volleyball. EN-AF. 40 pages.
  • Rugbyterme, Danie Craven, (date unknown)
    Rugby terms. EN-AF. 2000 terms.

Other languages

I don't actually use these dictionaries, but they are on my shelf.

  • A New Concise Xhosa-English Dictionary, McLaren, 2nd edition, 1963
    XH-EN. 200 pages. This is the best available Xhosa-English dictionary (except for the XNLU dictionary, which is not for sale to the public).
  • English-Xhosa Dictionary, Fischer, 1st edition, 1985
    EN-XH. 740 pages. This is the best available English-Xhosa dictionary (again, except for the unobtainable XNLU dictionary).

  • Pukuntšu/Woordeboek, Kriel, 3rd edition, 1983
    Dictionary of Northern Sotho. NSO-AF, AF-NSO. 600 pages.

  • Afrikaans/Zoeloe-Woordeboek, Kotzé and Wela, 1991
    Dictionary of Zulu. AF-ZU, with clues in EN. 320 pages.
  • Zulu-English/English-Zulu Dictionary, Doke, Malcolm, Sikakana and Vilakazi, 1990
    EN-ZU, ZU-EN. 1500 pages. A facsimile edition of the 1953 and 1958 editions.
  • Miners' Dictionary (English-Fanakalo, Afrikaans-Fanakalo), 4th edition, 1978
    EN-FNG, AF-FNG. Afrikaans title: "Mynerswoordeboek". The first edition of this dictionary was published in 1920. Fanakalo originated as an interlingua on sugar plantations in Natal in the middle 1800s. It became a mining language when it was adopted in the late 1800s by workers of the gold mines in the South African Republic.

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