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My own web sites

My previous personal site ( a.k.a. Wayback Machine only)
This personal site was basically a long links list to all the stuff I ever did (much like this one here, only longer and more detailed).

My bookmarks at the Open Directory
Most of the sites I'm affiliated with are listed here.

A domain that I own but don't do anything with

Third-party sites by me

Hawston Kunsteontwikkelingsforum (Wayback only)
A community group asked me to design a once-off site for their little arts festival. It shows how very simple HTML can be used to create an effective site at very low cost that goes to the very top of Google for your chosen keywords. Well, okay, what is really shows is that Google is more concerned with *content* and *simple SEO* than with fancy design and SEO tricks.

Huis der Nederlanden (Wayback only)
The HdN site used to be hosted by the Afrikaans Foundation, but when that foundation decided "no more thirdparty sites here", I quickly slapped together this site for their monthly newsletters and subscription information. After doing their site for a few years, they got another designer and a fancy new domain name.

Stigting vir Afrikaans (mine's on Wayback)
About five years ago I was given a mandate to redesign this site in preparation for new content, but the new content never arrived, despite frequent queries from me. Then, a year later, my contract was cancelled and a new webmaster appointed, but he only got as far as redesigning the front page (perhaps he is also waiting for promised content).

VirAfrikaans (free hosting) (mine used to be on Wayback)
Dr Nieuwhof from the UK wanted to give free hosting to Afrikaans sites, and appointed me (on a volunteer basis) to create the site and help with administration. I'm no longer involved in that project.

Matie Community Service (Wayback only)}
My first web site for a client, again with some promises of content that didn't arrive, but at least it gave me experience in dealing with a web site client.

About Afrikaans

What is Afrikaans? (Wayback only)
A volunteer project (by me) in which people translate an introduction to Afrikaans into their own languages. For some strange reason Yahoo/Geocities trashed the site one day, and I didn't have backups (eeek!). Perhaps one day I'll revive the project...

Literature and quality debate in and about Afrikaans on the web.

An Afrikaans news service, unfortunately subscription-only.

About translation

Roger Chriss' introduction to translation


South African Translators' Institute

Professional Editors' Group

Institute for Translators and Interpreters
Lots of useful free stuff here for beginner translators.

Mailing lists

ZaLang (for Afrikaans/English translation issues)

ZaLangMed (for Afrikaans/English medical/pharmaceutical translation issues)

Rekenaarterme (for Afrikaans computer terminology)

Lantra-L (for translators)


Wordfast (CAT with TM)

OmegaT (CAT with TM)

Other links lists

Open Directory, on translation

Open Directory, for translators

Other translators

Michael Beijer
Dutch-English technical translator

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