Samuel Murray, Translator: English → Afrikaans, Afrikaans → English


My personal section contains various things about myself.

Stuff I've written

  • About Translation: written in English for St Jerome's day 2001, for publication in a local newspaper.
  • Introduction to Wordfast (Afrikaans only): published in the same issue of the Muratho as the previous article. There used to be an English translation but I appear to have lost my copy of it. Very outdated.
  • OmegaT: Introduction and tutorial: OmegaT is a compter assisted translation tool. Here's my introduction and tutorial for version 1.3.5. Very outdated.
  • Tips for amateur terminologists (Afrikaans only): This is an article seeking to address the types of errors often made by budding terminologists, specifically aimed at computer terms but also applicable to general termwriting.
  • What is a fair rate? At the prompting of the Fair Trade Net group I wrote a pilot document for scientifically determining a fair rate for translators. The results are shocking (or incorrect -- you decide which).

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