Samuel Murray, Translator: English → Afrikaans, Afrikaans → English

Membership to translator groups

Because I take my work as a translator seriously, I have joined a number of translation associations and translators' support groups.

South African Translators' Institute (SATI)

I have been a member of SATI since roughly 1999. My membership number is 100252.

SATI is the largest professional translator association in South Africa. The institute has existed since 1956, and is a full member of FIT (the International Federation of Translators). SATI offers accreditation in a number of language combinations, promotes translation as a profession in South Africa, and publishes a newsletter with relevant information for translators. SATI is not a trade union or an association with collective bargaining powers.

I am actively involved in the association's activities, e.g. I have published articles in its journal and I have held positions on various committees. I have not applied for accreditation in English and Afrikaans because the SATI accreditation is more for literary translation, and I do not believe the examination process is sufficiently transparent.

American Translators Association (ATA)

I have been a member of the ATA since 2007. My membership number is 242835.

The ATA was founded in 1959, and is the largest professional association of translators and interpreters in the United States. ATA offers accreditation called "certification". The association is affiliated with the International Federation of Translators (FIT). Its goals are to foster and support the professional development of translators and interpreters and to promote the translation and interpreting professions. The ATA is not a trade union or an association with collective bargaining powers.

Professional Editors' Group (PEG-SA)

I have been a member of PEG-SA since 2007, although my details have already been listed in the PEG directory for a number of years prior to that.

PEG-SA represents mainly language practitioners in the publishing industry, in corporate communication and the media. The association has existed since 1993. Its aims are to promote standards of work in the editing profession and to raise public awareness of the value of copy-editing. Members include both freelancers and full-timers who work professionally as copy-editors, writers, rewriters (or overwriters), proofreaders, translators, indexers, book designers, and book and magazine DTP specialists.

Translators and Interpreters Networks (TINSA)

I have been a member of TINSA since roughly 2001, when it was still known as the Gauteng and Interpreters' Chapter of the South African Translators' Institute. Most of its members are conference translators and interpreters.

The purpose of TINSA is to help members get jobs, to publish guides for translators and interpreters, and to provide information to potential clients about aspects of conference interpreting and translation, as well as sworn translation. I am no longer actively involved in TINSA although I'm an honorary member.

Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands (SENSE)

I have been a member of SENSE since the end of 2015. jobs portal and support forum

I have registered as a member of in 1999, in the year that it was founded, and have been a full member (previously known as Platinum member) since 2006. My membership number is 1429. is a platform where clients can find translators, and where translators can support each other through terminological assistance, publishing guides, and participating in a very active discussion forum. I myself am very active in the discussion forum, and I have lead the team who localised into Afrikaans.

Translation related mailing lists

I participate actively in several translator mailing lists, among them:

  • Lantra-L, an international discussion group for translators, with over 1000 members. Lantra-L has existed since at least 1995.
  • Rosetta-L, a recent split-off from Lantra-L, which focuses on slightly different topics than Lantra-L itself.
  • ZaLang, a discussion group for South African translators, mainly in English and Afrikaans. There are about 200 members. The group was founded in 1999. I'm currently co-moderator of this list.

Profiles on translator job sites

I am registered on several translator job sites, among them:

    Paid member:
  • Registered since 1999, currently "Member" (previously called "Platinum", i.e. paying member).

  • Previously paid member:
  •, one of the oldest translator job sites on the internet. Registered since November 2002, currently "Economy Class" member (i.e. free member).
  • Translators Cafe. Registered since February 2003. Currently "Master" member (i.e. paying member).

  • Free member:
  • GlobTra. Registered since July 2006. As of writing, GlobTra is a free portal with no paid membership options.
  • TraduGuide. Currently a free member. Registered since roughly 2003.
  • Translator Finder. Currently "Premium" member (i.e. free member).
  • Translators Base. Currently "Trial user" (i.e. free member). No direct URL to profile page.
  • Info Marex. Registered since April 2005. Simple directory, listed.

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